Supine stability


My-Ray-1A key to enhanced image quality is patient immobility and the supine position is undoubtedly a contributing factor.


sky-viewNot only are conditions favorable to relaxation, but the supine position is also a requisite for specific examinations such as those regarding the airway in general or specific sleep-disordered breathing pathologies.



High definition, low emissions

SkyView achieves 3D precision thanks to a combination of factors: an image intensifier capable of enhancing image definition by a factor of 105, a high resolution CCD digital sensor consisting of 7.4 µm pixels to detect the image.

One partial rotation around the patient’s head, pulsed X-ray emission, effective image intensification and suitable FOV diameter all lead to a standard 37 µSv dosage, not even 5% of the dosage generated by common medical CT systems

3D designed for dentists

SkyView is the fastest way to approach 3D radiography from within the dental practice. SkyView is the three-dimensional evolution of a panoramic imager tailored to today’s dental surgeon who requires increased potential with regard to radiology. The software guided procedure enables dental professionals to acquire quality images in fast easy steps. Ideal for achieving 3D reconstruction of the dentition and jaw, it also elaborates excellent panoramic images via dedicated software. Calibration is performed at the time of installation by MyRay professionals. From this moment on you will never look back. SkyView is designed for the dentist who needs to focus on each patient, not on technical issues regarding the instruments used.