What is a dental crown?
A crown (or “tooth cap”) is a full covering for a tooth that has lost a great deal of its structure, but still has good roots under the gum line. A dental bridge, on the other hand, is a system that uses several crowns to replace a missing tooth. Both methods of tooth replacement are available here at Western Dental.
Sometimes, a large piece of tooth may break off due to an accident, an old, weak filling, or tooth decay. The roots of the tooth, however, may still be healthy. If possible, it is best to try and save the natural tooth, and to prevent it from becoming further decayed or damaged. This can often be done with a crown. Custom-made of very strong material, the crown replaces the whole visible part of the tooth. It is permanently attached to the remaining part of the tooth and roots with special cement.How long does it take to receive a dental crown?It will take more than one office visit to put in a permanent crown or bridge. On your first visit, we often make a model of your teeth, and we may put in a temporary crown. The permanent ones will be custom-made in a laboratory to fit you perfectly, and put in later.

The procedure for placing crowns and bridges is similar. First, you will get a numbing shot so you won’t feel any pain. Next, your teeth will be prepared for the crown; if necessary, some tooth material may be removed with a drill. Then the crown or bridge, which was made in advance, will be permanently attached. When it’s done, you will leave with a great-looking smile.

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