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Laser Teeth Whitening – NANO

Generally, the procedure of NANO Teeth Whitening is comfortable and not painful. The technique will fully be performed in the dentist’s lab and you should be ready to spend up to an hour on the dental chair. The first thing your dentist will do is to carry out a preliminary evaluation and cleaning of your teeth before covering your lips and gums to make sure only your teeth are covered with the whitening solution.

After protecting other parts of the mouth except for your teeth, hydrogen peroxide gel, specially made for dental treatment, will be applied to your teeth and activated by a light pointed directly to your teeth. Normally, you’ll need about three layers of whitening gel for the procedure. The gel will be removed at an interval of 15 minutes with new one applied by your dentist.

A fluoride gel is expected to be applied to your teeth after the last whitening gel layer session in order to prevent its sensitive reactions. However, you are going to get a touch-up kit that includes a Whitening Strips and whitening Toothpaste which you are going to use at home according to instructions.


NANO SMILE is the only product in the market that contains Hydroxyapatite which:

Makes up bone mineral and the matrix of teeth

Makes Teeth whiter, translucent, ad Glossier

Reduces Tooth sensitivity and pain relief

Antimicrobial & fights soft tissue infections

Helps fight and prevent cavities

Remineralizers and repairs teeth

The NANO SMILE whitening gel is designed to act quickly to give the maximum result over a 45 minutes’ treatment. The gel is to be used with the LED whitening lamp which helps to speed up the whitening