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Methods of cleaning teeth from tartar: 

The tartar needs to be removed with specialized tools, and the teeth must be deeply cleaned of tartar by the dental specialist inside the clinic, and it takes place in several stages: 

Teeth scaling: 

This process is done by removing tartar from the tooth enamel layer from above and below the gum line using special tools. 

root scraping: 

Its aim is to prevent the accumulation of dental plaque, prevent tooth decay, remove acidic compounds that cause erosion of the teeth, and polish the exposed surfaces of the teeth. 

Teeth polishing: 

It is the last process carried out by the dental specialist that includes polishing the surface stains and sediments on the enamel layer of the teeth and gives the teeth gloss and whiteness and makes them free of impurities. 


Teeth cleaning every 6 months to keep teeth and gums healthy and remove tartar

In this case, you should visit a doctor to check the health of the gums and mouth

Use the right brush and the correct way to move the brush, use dental floss, and visit the dentist every 6 months