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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the improper position of the teeth and jaws, and orthodontic treatment aims to correct crooked or misaligned teeth properly. There is an increased risk of tooth loss, cavities, and gum disease due to poorly placed teeth.Crooked teeth also affect appearance. However, people seek this remedy to improve their appearance. In many cases, it becomes unavoidable because the patient suffers from poor oral function and health.

The importance of orthodontics:

  1. Moving the teeth out of place gradually, send a smile to line it up regularly.
  2. Occlusion of the jaws and the occlusion of the teeth of the upper jaw and jaw on each other.
  3. Expansion of the jaws or quenching the front teeth to the back.

Orthodontic Duration:

It is different from person to person

  1. Age.
  2. The nature of the problem on orthodontics.
  3. Types of orthodontics.
  4. Spaces and spaces between the teeth.
  5. The health status of the teeth, mouth, jaws and gums.

Types of orthodontics:

  1. Traditional metal braces
    This is the most common type of braces. Braces here are made of all-metal. Of all the braces, metal braces are the least expensive, and often the fastest and most effective.
  2. Ceramic braces
    This type of orthodontic is characterized by the fact that the braces that are attached to the tooth are made of a light-colored ceramic material to take the color of the teeth, and the wires used are usually metallic or made of a certain light-colored material.
    The distinctive color of ceramic braces makes it one of the types of braces that are not easily noticed on the teeth.
  3. Internal orthodontics
    One of the types of orthodontics that some may prefer; Because it is completely hidden behind the teeth
    Here, orthodontic braces are attached to the inner side of the tooth, which is not visible to the patient, and the wire is passed through these bras from the back of the teeth.
  4. Transparent orthodontics
    This type of braces consists of a full transparent mold that is designed specifically for the patient’s teeth, and it is changed every two weeks, and almost the entire orthodontic trip here needs about 18 – 30 different molds that are changed every several weeks with the change of distances between the teeth and the change of occlusion with the movement of the teeth from its place.